Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Look Back at the Past Year

I've been so busy this past year setting up two stores and all the accoutrements that go with them, that I haven't had time to just sit down and write. Today is the day!

Looking back on the past year (which went by extremely quickly, by the way), I can see how much I've changed as a person. I went from being unemployed for two years with no real long-term plan in mind, but somewhat happy, to running two stores, two websites, becoming a very spiritual person who is much more aware of the living and those who have passed before us, much more content with life, and someone who can help others heal. I have also learned how much that takes out of me and that I need to learn to say no once in a while (really have to work on that). I am also on our town's Historical Society board now, a member of The International Paranormal Society, and still find time to be a Cub Scout leader.

I've also found one of my spirit guides, Caroline, who I discovered has been instrumental in helping me but I never knew about her. Many things in my life that didn't make sense to me now do. My fear of water is hers, the color yellow, the victorian style clothing and romantic decor. I wish she were alive today, we would be good friends. She lived near the bridge in the picture above.

Now I'm expanding my empire again; we have added a Seance Room and we're opening a fine art gallery next to Heaven and Earth Essentials. We have events in the store, like Yoga, Evenings of Tea, Wiccan Night, paranormal events, and other classes.

I thank my good friends that I've met this past year for all the encouragement and help. Not a day goes by that I don't thank the universe for them and wish them blessings. Peace and love to everyone, and may this year be filled with good health, success, and joy.