Friday, July 24, 2009

Confessions of a Soap-Making Fool

Welcome to my new blog!

I wanted to start with something relevant, and I cannot think of anything more relevant at the current time than soap. Yes, soap! A few weeks ago I went on this crazy soap trip--I was totally obsessed with making cold process soaps for Heaven and Earth Essentials. I haven't had time to do it in the past year or so, and it seemed like it was building up inside me like pressurized lava in a volcano. So I made the time and just did it. It felt incredible! I tried all kinds of things and the more I created, the more I wanted to create. I kept creating until I ran out of ingredients--and room to store the finished product! But they are all so beautiful and smell incredible, I can only describe them with words.

One of the best parts of creating these soaps was the fact that my son (almost 8 now) was very interested in how the process works, so he was with me through a lot of the process, constantly asking questions and then later, even making suggestions! When we went to the liquor store to purchase wine for the wine soap, he even explained to the clerk that it wasn't for drinking, it was for making soap. I'm sure the clerk thought "Uh-huh, THAT'S the story your mom came up with? Whatever..." LOL

What is next? I'm working on a custom scent for a new friend, Rachel. Very complex, very "Lara Croft". I have everything ready, I'm just waiting for the inspiration...
I'm also getting ready to create the scents for our Autumn Collection. I already have names and ideas, I just need to get a day alone with my muse and my perfume components. (Oh, yes, there will be a need for more soaps, with an autumn "flavor". Pumpkin for sure!)

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