Thursday, January 21, 2010

The More I Learn, the More I Realize I Don't Know

Over the past year, I've done a lot of research. I've probably learned more than when I was back in college, but maybe that's just because I have more control over what I'm learning. I'm learning because I want to. And I've definitely learned more than I learned in my previous corporate job (in 7 years), but we aren't going there.

I'm becoming more active in our real-world community, which is also opening up doors to learning new things. For example, who to talk to about what, who to get quotes from on products and services, where to advertise what, and of course who not to talk to and why. I'm learning about all these neat little niche communities and websites and magazines. I've always known there were thousands out there, but then you learn about one or several in your own backyard and wow! I didn't know. (Why didn't I know?)

My real world is expanding and I'm feeling smaller and smaller. I know that's normal, look how big our world is! And it's composed of millions and billions of littler worlds. Wow, it can really be overwhelming. There's times when I just want to draw a hot bath, lock the bathroom door, and keep the world out. I never actually get to do that, of course, but the thought is often present!

Thank goodness for good friends to help keep me sane, or at least put up with me while I lose it! And big thanks to my little dog, Shamus, who is a good listener while I rant and rave. He doesn't repeat anything he hears and seldom complains about my insanity.

I'm going to my first Chamber of Commerce event soon, we'll see how that goes. Who knows, maybe I'll learn something?

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