Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Psychology of Scents

Have you ever given thought to the psychology of the scents you wear? Sure, you might wear it because you like the way it smells. But WHY do you like it when you wear it?

Does it make you feel prettier? Smarter? More confident? Is it uplifting and fresh, or dark and sultry? Do you wear the same scent all the time or do you have several that you wear depending on the occasion? Or do you wear it because someone else likes it on you?

There is a lot of psychology behind why we wear the scents we do. It's not something people think about.

...But let's think about it for a minute. Think about yourself, your friends, your daughter, your mom, your grandmother. What scents do they wear?

Some people wear a perfume because it's the latest and greatest and some movie star wears it (or at least they promote it). Does it smell good to you or are you just wearing it so you can be like that movie star?

Some people wear a perfume that is comforting to them. Vanillas, pumpkin, roses, other florals--these are the scents that might remind us of a time in childhood when we were safe and life was simpler and less chaotic. (A trip to grandma's house smelled like cookies and lilacs, and that was a happy place--is that why I love lilac perfumes?)

Citrus scents are very uplifting and refreshing. These are perfect for first thing in the morning when you are showering--they help wake you up and energize you. Or if you need a low-cal energy boost during the day, try a spritz of citrus fragrance (essential oils are the best!).

Getting ready for a date? Many studies have shown that men are attracted to women wearing vanilla-based or jasmine scents.

So the next time you buy that perfume, or are getting ready for that date, think about why you are wearing that particular scent. What is your ultimate goal? Wear the scent that will help you close that deal, make you more comfortable if you're nervous, uplifted when you're feeling down, or give you more self-confidence.

Heaven and Earth Essentials has over 300 handblended fragrances that can make you feel beautiful, confident, uplifted, refreshed, sexy, comforted, and everything else in between. Think about what scents you like, and let's go from there!

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