Monday, November 22, 2010

3 Ways to Avoid Dry, Winter Skin

Winter is coming up very quickly here...and so is dry, Winter skin. Having spent a day this past weekend outside in under 30-degree weather, I'm reminded that our dry-skin season is upon us.

The best advice I have for your skin is "don't wait until you have dry skin to start moisturizing"! You can avoid having dry skin by following some simple rules every day. Add it to your daily routine and you'll soon forget that you're evening doing it.

Moisturize Your Face--this is very important. Last Saturday when I was outside all day, everything was covered up except my face. If you wear makeup, this can help dry up your facial skin too. So make sure you moisturize--but keep it simple. There's no need for expensive, highly-marketed products; you are only paying for their commercials, highly-paid CEOs, marketing and legal teams, and research laboratories. Try natural products, they are better for you anyway. Make sure you read the label, and do not use fragrances on your face. They dry your skin out faster than if you used nothing at all. A good lotion stick with Shea Butter works well. I use our Lotion Stick with Emu Oil and Tamanu Oil religiously, very good for moisturizing and healing.

Moisturize Your Body. This should include your bath products, including shower gel, soaps, oils, and lotions. Does the product you are using really moisturize? Look at the label. Spoil yourself--get the Artisan-style soaps with the Mango Butter, Babassu Oil, Shea Butter; exotic oils and butters help keep your skin soft and supple.

How about your lotion? Again, read the label. Can you pronounce all or even most of the ingredients? Does it contain alcohol, which really dries out your skin? If so, does it at least have Shea Butter or another butter/oil to balance out the alcohol? Also, essential oils are all natural and do not have the same drying effect as fragrances. If you want to just moisturize your skin, go for unscented or essential oils. If you want to smell pretty, go for the scented lotions.

Moisturize Your Really Dry Skin Areas. I saw a woman I know in the beauty salon the other day. It's freezing cold outside and she is wearing open shoes and no socks (I was wearing winter socks and boots). She's in her 60s. I asked her why she wasn't keeping her feet warm, and she said she never wears socks and that she only had to walk outside for a minute because her daughter was picking her up. Okay...but I really looked at the skin on her ankles and heels and asked her if she ever used lotion on them (because it sure didn't look like it). She told me the name of the inexpensive lotion she uses. I told her to stop using that because it's not helping at all and her response was "but I like the way it smells". Needless to say I'm making her some Healing Lotion. Having feet that smell like almonds is nice, but having dry, cracked, painful feet is another story.

So read your product ingredients, try natural if possible. And moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Your skin will love you for it.

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