Monday, June 28, 2010

To Burn or Not to Burn

We went to the Air Show this past weekend and had a great family time. We are one of those families that works and works and works (multiple businesses, farm, job, leaders of Scouts, VFW, Legion, and more), so a day away from everything is almost a shock. (I do, of course, bring work to do in the vehicle so the day isn't a total loss, hahaha). The weather was foggy, then overcast, then later the sun peaked out a little bit here and there. It was very warm and muggy, and we were outside the entire day.

Me being a mom, I pull out our Sunscreen Lotion and start applying it to my 8-yr-old son, myself, and then forced some on my DH. Well, the top of his head anyway. He's a real man and doesn't want any sissy sunscreen on him, right? So I made a big joke about how the reflection off the top of his head might be distracting to some of the pilots, might temporarily blind them, etc.

He wouldn't let me put any on his blindingly white legs though. First time wearing shorts, long Minnesota winters, you do the math!
We're talking W-H-I-T-E. Like chalk. You get the picture.

Oh, yes, our manly man today is walking around in pants at work, that fabric rubbing with every step against his now hot pink skin, which he coated with our Healing Lotion this morning, but we all know that doesn't help that friction element.

Men! The 8-yr-old is just fine, not burnt at all. I got a little bit of sunburn around my neck, which I forgot about, but at least I was wearing a hat, which helped.
But our manly man, not so good. He almost cried this morning when the dog jumped up on his lap and missed with his back leg, which scratched his burnt leg.

I'll say this once--if you are going outside, either cover yourself with fabric or put on some sunscreen! I don't care how much of a manly man you are, you AREN'T so manly when you're crying because you got burned in the sun!

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