Friday, April 16, 2010

Grand Opening of New HaEE Facility!

I'm so excited for us to have our new facility, I can hardly wait to move in! We are having a Grand Opening for it June 5-6. Not only is it bright and cheerful and sunny, we'll have products that people can purchase on the spot! We have a beautiful meeting room where we will educate people on our products, have parties, and eventually offer online meetings too.

And what a great way to introduce new products! We'd like to start using video more to not only show the product but also how to use it. For example, our Gardener's Friend Hand Scrub--it's perfect for after working outside. The ground luffa and pumice get into all the nooks and crannies and get your hands as clean as can be. And you don't have to smell like a man or oranges afterward, we'll make it in any of our over 300 scents!

In conjunction with our new facility, we will be releasing our new website, which is much easier to navigate and has a clean, botanical look and more functionality.

Want more? Okay... How about a new Membership Club? We are working with some of our key customers to develop a club that gives everyone deals on current products, special products and exclusive perfumes, and more!

We've been very busy the last few months--and it's so satisfying because so much is being improved--and sometimes I don't know if I'm actually working or just dreaming that I am. It's been known to happen!

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