Wednesday, December 8, 2010

5 Things You Can Do with Old Perfumes

Do you have older perfumes that you aren't sure what to do with? You don't really want to wear them, even though you still like them, but you don't want to throw them out? You could try adding them to other products. Here's some suggestions:

We offer unscented products. Why not give new life to your old perfumes by adding them to a product? For example, try our unscented Shine On Shampoo. Add a little bit of your old favorite perfume to it, mix it up, and voila'! A new version of your old perfume.

Or how about adding it to some Ocean Splendor Salt Scrub or our Whipped Sugar Scrub? It doesn't take much, but you'll smell beautiful and have smooth, silky skin afterward.

You could even add a couple drops or mists to your bath, with some of our Therapeutic Bath Salts or Himalayan Pink Salt chunks.

Or maybe you want to add it to lotion. Our Emollient Lotion is wonderful for your skin, and when you add a couple drops or a mist of your favorite perfume to it, it's got your signature on it.

There's many things you can do with your old perfumes, get creative! Don't let them sit in a drawer or cabinet or gather dust in your boudoir--use them, wear them, enjoy them! It's why you bought them in the first place.

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