Thursday, December 16, 2010

Parent-Teacher Conferences, or My Kid isn't the Stinky Kid!

A few weeks ago we had parent-teacher conferences at school. After the initial pleasantries, the very first thing out of my third-grade son's teacher's mouth was a compliment on how nice he smells every day. I had to laugh out loud, of course, and she looked at me as if to say "What did I say?".

We women know that our families are a reflection of us. If our spouses/boyfriends/children/even pets are out in public and they look good and smell good, we're judged that we are doing a good job. If not...well, it's not THEIR fault, it's OURS. Because we didn't take the time to pick out their clothes, get them bathed, haircuts, etc.

Isn't that funny? I know in my household I've trained my boys with this philosophy. One look at them and they know to go back into their rooms and pick something else to wear. Or there's the look that means "Did you actually shower? With soap? need to try that again."

I'm especially aware of all this because we live in a small town and I have a bath and body products business. If anyone is stinky around here, it reflects poorly on me! So even our dogs smell good.

Alex's favorite scent for everything used to be our Blueberry Waffles, but now with our 2010 Holiday Elegance Collection, he has a new favorite: Milk and Cookies. And he smells fabulous (for a nine-year-old boy)! Thank goodness, now I can worry about other things. Like getting him to clean his room.

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