Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shower Time as Happy Time? Not Today...

This morning in my usual happy shower time, surrounded by my many jars and bottles of fabulous-scented bath products, I was planning out my day, making my internal list of things to do, my mind running 1000 miles an hour. I admit it, I wasn't focused on what I was doing.

Oh, I wish I had been focused. I am a self-proclaimed Sugar Scrub addict, lotion addict, hair care product addict, and then some. I love my fancy soaps, sitting pretty in their crystal dish like the jewels of a crown. I love getting compliments on how my hair smells as I walk by someone in a store. Okay, I like to smell good and I do it for myself more than for anyone else. So...?

So this morning in the shower as I'm thinking I'm also grabbing for my favorite jar of hair conditioner. It's the kind that you savor, you don't use it every day, but for when you want to feel extra special. It's in an older, fancy, plastic jar. Or should I say, "It WAS."

Yes, I dropped it. Only it didn't bounce...it didn't roll...it BROKE. It sat there on the floor of the shower, sitting upright, and I thought, "Oh, good, it's okay, only about half spilled out. Whew." I picked it up. The bottom and part of a side were still sitting on the shower floor, with my fabulous conditioner now inching toward the drain.

I didn't cry. Not really...I mean, it's only hair conditioner, right? But it was my favorite! My special treat! I hurriedly scooped as much as I could off the shower floor and then tried to figure out--with hands full of conditioner--how to open another container and add it to the existing product inside. (Not an easy feat, let me tell you.) In the end, I did manage to save about a fourth of the container. But it made me think.

I MUST really be a hair-care product addict if I'm willing to scoop my hair conditioner off my shower floor so I don't lose it! (Good thing I just happened to have cleaned the shower yesterday, although I don't think that would have stopped me.)

I felt I just had to confess. And yes, my hair looks and smells fantastic as I'm writing this, so it's all worth it. :)

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