Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alien Landscape

We got a new camera this year and I just love taking pictures now. I'm whipping it out every chance I get, almost obsessively. The other morning when I was getting Alex ready for school I looked out the front living room window and saw this lake of fog resting on the field, and just the tiniest bit of the neighboring farm's silo peeking up out of it. Then, of course, when I saw the moon hovering over all of it, I just couldn't resist running and getting the camera.
So there I am in my bathrobe and snowboots taking pictures outside in my front yard. Thank goodness I live in the country and the neighbors and passing traffic can't see me!
But I got some beautiful shots. Now the snow is melting everywhere and we have standing water in the yard, driveway, and fields; all is mucky and muddy. There are no pretty pictures out there now! But we hope Spring is on her way, we've got a warm spell this week to help melt even more snow and eventually it will all be dried up.

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