Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mini Me--How Did THAT Happen?

I've worked in different types of companies and different positions. Like everyone else, I tend to bring my work home, talk about it over dinner, or just think out loud about problems I'm wrestling with.
When you think your kids aren't listening is when you should pay the most attention to what you're saying. Because later it can come back to haunt you....
My son has picked up on all the bath and body product conversations at home. And now that we are getting a new building, he's into colors and decorating, because that's what I'm talking about. I watch his mannerisms and at first wondered where he got them, and then BAM! I realized he's a little version of me! OMG do I do that with my hands? ...that little cock of the head? YES I DO!
Now I'm paying closer attention to those things he does. Yes, he has my mannerisms when talking about sugar scrubs and perfumes and the wall colors. His facial expressions when he gets passionate about something (like math and spelling) are versions of me. And the worst part is when he says things that make me stop in my tracks because it's something I've actually said and never knew he was listening. And it's usually when we're in a store or other public place with people around.
The funniest thing he did recently was when we took him to our new Heaven and Earth Essentials building to check out how the remodeling was going. He did the "Oh My Gosh!", hands up to the face, reaction that you see on Extreme Makeover-Home Edition every week. It was hilarious!

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  1. stopping in to say hello from Snowberry Creek :)

    love the photo...lol
    and yes, our young ones are live wires aren't they? LOL