Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've had allergies all my life, but a new one has been cropping up lately and it is driving me absolutely crazy. It's tags--the tags they put on the inside back of the neck of shirts and tops. Those simple little pieces of fabric, so unassuming, supposedly just there for our to wash, size of garment, and so much more information in a font size I would never use in any document. Yet those teeny, tiny, little tags feel like freeway billboards made out of the roughest burlap ever imagined, continuously scratching and irritating my skin.

I know I'm not alone. I've often wondered why companies choose to use the scratchiest fabric for those tags, but let's admit it, it's all about the cost. Using silk would be cost-prohibitive. And they can't put the tags somewhere else, because then they wouldn't have that "free", constant advertising for their company. I know that some of the newer garments have the information printed on the shirt instead of a fabric tag and I applaud those companies, but that's not all companies yet.

So in the meantime, I cut--or want to cut, but wear something underneath instead--all the tags off my shirts and tops. I hate doing that though, because we like to donate our clothing to good causes when we outgrow it.

It's ridiculous that something so small can irritate me so much. I scratch, then catch myself and stop. I apply our Healing Lotion, Herbal Salve, etc. to heal my skin, then put on the wrong shirt and it starts all over again. Right now while I'm typing this, I can feel the tag in my shirt digging down into my skin getting ready to drive me crazy. What do other people do?

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